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My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.

(unwrapped)   (3:21PM)   12/25/2009
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(unwrapped)   (9:39PM)   10/7/2009
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Anniversary of living alone, three hundred and sixty-five days straight.
Here's what has been happening lately.

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  Cryptic keeper.
(unwrapped)   (10:29PM)   9/18/2009
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Should be asleep, but I am awake.
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  The very bottom where all things go to die.
(unwrapped)   (11:48PM)   8/15/2009
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Since the last entry (as I begin all entries).
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  I can walk the dark.
(unwrapped)   (12:30AM)   6/10/2009
  inside  outside   I only feel distance anymore

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And so now I am broker-than-fuck. And hunting for a mortgage as the rates flutter higher and higher. Fuck.
I want it to be summer already. Not that summer means anything different. But there's a to-do list of things to-be-done. Tent making, music listening, book reading, freezer full of meat to grill. The usual, really. But in the sun and heat. I've got certain people in mind to be involved in these activities and it paints a lovely picture. And once it is all over and done, it is almost October. Hurry hurry hurry hurry. Now.
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